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Text Annotation


One-Off Purchase. Weekly and monthly licenses upon request.


Training datasets for AI and ML models. Get accurate and reliable multilingual text annotation services for NLP in your machine learning projects at inexpensive rates. Add metadata to your datasets with high-quality visualization according to your needs.



Get on-demand annotation outsourcing services at scale. GBSN Research provides high-quality text annotations, ensuring its maximum relevance and making the texts comprehensible for machines to understand human language.

Our team of specialists helps companies turn text into intelligence and maximize the value of the data in a faster turnaround to save time and reduce the cost of operations. We can work on different text services such as classification, named entity recognition, PoS tagging, etc.


Text Annotation Service Includes

Up to 10,000 annotations, including:

  • Classification
  • Named entity recognition
  • PoS (part-of-speech) tagging


Additional Information

  • Possibility to work on client platform (if preferred)
  • Possibility to use the internal annotation tool (if preferred)
  • Multiple language annotation
  • Quality assurance
  • To be provided: project briefing; annotation rules
  • Technology: Python, R
  • Delivery formats: XLSX; CSV; TXT; JSON, XML or any other required format
  • Annotations in English (contact us for other languages)


One-Off Purchase

  • Up to 10,000 annotations
  • Single annotation: starts from € 0.05
  • Minimum project: € 500.00
  • Delivery time: 5 business days


Contact us for weekly and monthly licenses.