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Survey Development


Develop surveys, questionnaires or forms that will accurately measure your audience’s opinions, experiences and behaviors.


Designing a good survey questionnaire is not just about how it looks. GBSN Research helps you to identify which topics should be covered, choose the best ways to ask questions and organize them in a logical order. By doing so, you can minimize differences in the way respondents interpret what is being asked and avoid influencing how people respond to questions.

Running online surveys are a great way to collect valuable customer insights about your company, learn how customers are using your product or service, research new resource ideas, gauge customer satisfaction, measure employee commitment and motivation, or record any general feedback. It also helps you increase traffic to your website and capture new leads through landing pages and lead magnets.

Survey Types

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Market Research
  • User Experience
  • Brand Awareness
  • Lead Generation
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Event Evaluation


  • Included 1 domain/area of expertise and up to 30 questions
  • Development in English (ask us about other languages)
  • Question wording customized to the target audience
  • Qualitative and quantitative approaches
  • Geographic scope and audience range definitions
  • Open and close-ended questions
  • Question and Answer, Multiple Choice,¬†True or False, Fill in the Blanks, Logic Questions
  • Custom images, logo, company tagline

Need a custom order?

Our consultant will carefully review your requirements and reach out in the following business day to discuss solutions and provide time and cost estimates.

Additional information


1 domain/area of expertise and up to 30 questions


Excel, Google Sheets, Word, PDF, or other platforms/formats you need

Delivery time

5 business days


Development in English (ask us about other languages)