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Sales Opportunities


Discover who are your current and future customers, understand patterns and convert interest into leads to increase your sales.


Through our Sales Opportunities Report we’ll identify customer behavior, purchase intent, complaints, and preferences to get sales opportunities. Follow the newest customer service challenges and technology solutions to always meet your customer’s needs. Convert interest into leads.


Find all relevant information about the audience you are targeting. This report can include:

  • Research summary, goals, methodology and approach.
  • Overview of industry solutions.
  • News, political, economical or social background, changes triggers.
  • Countries and markets that need special attention.
  • Industry leaders tactics and worth-to-follow companies that are new on the market.
  • New customers type, buying channels, and “service over product” point of view.
  • New technologies.
  • Customer experience – trends and solutions.
  • Customer behavior, interests, and preferences.
  • Socio-demographic audience analysis (gender, age, occupation, job title).
  • Psycho-graphic (Values, Interests, Activities, Lifestyle, Opinions).
  • Digital channel used.
  • Customer feedback based on Rating, Comments, Reviews and complains.
  • Trends, Predictions, and Recommended actions.

Need a custom order?

Our consultant will carefully review your requirements and reach out in the following business day to discuss solutions and provide time and cost estimates.

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10-15 pages report

Delivery time

5 business days