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Political Campaign Analysis


One-Off Purchase. Weekly and monthly licenses upon request.


Through social listening tools or provided campaign data, we deliver in-depth political campaign analysis with candidates engagement rate, audience opinions and concerns, main topics discussed, and positive and negative conversation drivers, being performed in diverse online communities.



By gathering insights from different online channels, such as social media platforms, news, forums, posts and comments, our political campaign analysis service examines candidate’s performance and their engagement rate within public opinion.

Through quantitative and qualitative analysis of real-time data, our team identifies main conversation topics, measures voters sentiment and concerns, and identifies negative feedback that helps in effective risk and strategy management.


Political Campaign Analysis – Deliverables

  • Services (reporting):
    • Presidential campaign analysis
    • General election campaigns analysis
    • Voters preferences
  • Table of content:
    • Social engagement
    • Social impact
    • Events reach
    • Debate analysis
    • Candidate popularity by location
    • Media and press opinion
    • Advertising strategy
    • Public opinion
    • Audience profiling


Additional Information

The research is based on publicly available data and does not intend to influence any voting preferences. 


Contact us for weekly and monthly licenses.