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Market Research


One-Off Purchase. Weekly and monthly licenses upon request.


Data-driven market research that provides insights about specific topics, audience opinion, sales opportunities, product demand, or competitors performance. Understand what drives consumer interests in your industry, follow relevant news and trends.



Market research report gains detailed knowledge of a new market, identifies the needs of local customers, and analyzes topics of your interests in the provided location.

Use customer conversations and local market data to create a unique data-driven strategy for your business or campaign. Our analysts will advise the best sources, tools and methodology recommendation to align your business goals with available data.


Market Research – Table of Content

  • Market research
    • Industry overview
    • Economical and political background
    • Reaction for a crisis (e.g. covid-19 influence)
    • Key events, news and initiatives
    • Topics analysis
    • Conversation drivers
  • Customer analysis
    • Audience characteristics (demographics, interests and priorities, conversation drivers)
    • Customer demand
    • Preferences and fears
    • Consumer opinion and feedback 
    • Purchase intent 
    • Online customer behaviour
    • Customer service challenges and solutions
  • Product and competitors
    • Key decision-makers in the industry
    • Market leaders strategy
    • Top sell products identification by category
    • Competitors solutions and performance
    • Sales channels
    • Price range
    • Challenges and risks analysis
    • Innovations and trends


One-Off Purchase

  • Included: one industry/business area; one location; one product 
  • To be provided: industry/business field; desired location; research briefing
  • Not included: personal sensitive data; abusive content
  • Format: 10-15 pages report
  • Delivery time: 7 business days


Contact us for weekly and monthly licenses.