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E-commerce Fake Reviews Detection


One-Off Purchase. Weekly and monthly licenses upon request.


We search, detect and analyze online reviews on marketplaces to support online sellers and buyers in maintaining reliable and fair-play sales rules, as well as to protect the brand’s reputation from fraudulent behaviours.



Our e-commerce fake reviews detection service helps you keep the authenticity of your e-commerce and online store reviews, and protect the value and quality of your products.

We verify and categorize the opinions listed on your online store by detecting online activities promoting fraudulent services and preventing publications of automatic reviews (bots and click farms).


E-commerce Fake Reviews Detection – Deliverables

  • Amazon, Walmart, eBay, fake reviews detection
  • Trusted reviews verification
  • Detection of a high amount of fake reviews 
  • Identification of negative reviews upvotes 
  • Preventing automatic reviews uploads (bots and click farms)
  • Detecting reviews manipulation
  • Detecting policy violation
  • Detecting tempts to abuse reviews systems
  • Analysis of authenticity of resold products 
  • Detecting fake accounts and users
  • Detection of fraud texts and reviews 
  • Rating analysis


One-Off Purchase

Data validation is required for project evaluation.

  • Included: up to 300 reviews
  • To be provided: reviews data
  • Delivery time: 5 business days


Contact us for weekly and monthly licenses.