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Data Training for AI


Train your machine learning models. Prepare data for machine learning and artificial intelligence projects faster and more accurately.


Label text data for machine learning and improve classification accuracy with our Data Training for AI Service. Have our human-workforce ensure your data is clean, accurate, complete, and well-labeled so your machine learning models are accurate.


  • Image classification, tagging, and annotation.
  • Speech and text tagging and labeling speech and text.
  • 3D Point Cloud tagging.
  • Sentiment Analysis.
  • Conversational tagging.
  • Relevance and personalization labeling.
  • Knowledge Graph development.

Need a custom order?

Our consultant will carefully review your requirements and reach out in the following business day to discuss solutions and provide time and cost estimates.

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Min. 1,000 records


According to requirements

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Min. 3 business days


Price per hour


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