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Competitor Analysis


One-Off Purchase. Weekly and monthly licenses upon request.


Identify competitors’ performance and monitor their results against your business. The report includes an insightful comparison between your company and your competitors’ metrics.



The competitor analysis report identifies relevant competitors in a previously specified market segment. The analysis is based on a particular product (e.g. car tires) or an industry (e.g. automotive brands). We analyse regional data, industry terms, economic and risk factors, as well as language and cultural indicators.

Find out what attracts consumers to your competitors by collecting real-time insights about the competitive products in your category.


Competitor Analysis Report – Table of Content

  • Introduction
    • Report goals and approach
  • Market overview
  • Competitor’s profiles and key competitive advantage (up to 3 competitors)
  • Products
    • Distribution channels
    • Top selling products 
    • Products category ranking
    • Price comparison
    • Website metrics and positioning
    • Keywords analysis
    • Strategy overview
  • Audience analysis
    • Customer engagement metrics
    • Customer feedback
  • Social media strategy
    • Posts analysis
    • Audience engagement
    • Content characteristics
  • Key insights and recommended actions
  • Summary


One-Off Purchase

  • Included: up to 3 competitors
  • Not included: personal sensitive data
  • Format: 20-25 pages report
  • Delivery time: 10 business days


Contact us for weekly and monthly licenses.