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Customer Behaviour

Make sense of the actions your customers take, and use it to hone your approach.

customer analytics
consumer journey
Predict consumer interactions with your brand

A 360° overview of customer behaviours

GBSN Research conducts thorough cross-channel data collection from sources including social media, customer call records and your own website to generate a comprehensive, 360° overview of typical and atypical customer behaviours. These analytical insights provide a greater understanding of the customer journey, empowering you to tailor your approach to actual customer needs.

How we use it

 A streamlined journey from lead capture to final sale

Already used by data-driven organisations across every industry, customer behaviour research identifies trends and key patterns in behaviours found within associated audience pools. It locates adjacent and overlapping demographics and enables businesses to expand their reach and generate new leads. These insights can also be used to identify obstacles along the customer journey. By highlighting weaknesses within the sales funnel, customer behaviour predictions help to generate more tailored approaches and ensure a smoother more streamlined journey from lead capture to final sale.

Customer Experience

Understand and boost the customer experience.

Buying Journey

Understand and streamline the buying journey.

Customer Feedback

Assess opinions and success of products/services.

Marketing Effectiveness

Improve effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Reduce Costs

Lower customer acquisition costs.

Churn Rate

Reduce customer churn rate.


Social Media Performance Analysis


Monitor online consumer behaviour on social media and adjust the offer according to current audience demand.

Know More

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