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Consumer Journey

Improve the customer journey to seamlessly move leads down through the sales funnel.

Analyze the consumer journey
consumer journey
See the bigger picture

Track and monitor typical customer journeys

GBSN Research consumer journey predictions track and monitor the typical customer journey, from initial contact to post-sales behaviour. By analysing behaviours before, during and after purchase, we provide you with the data sets your business needs to see the bigger picture. We give you valuable insight into the many different ways that your customers interact with your brand at each stage of the sales funnel.

How we use it

Deliver improved outcomes

By visually analysing every interaction, no matter how big or small, we identify relevant and necessary touch points and assess the impact that these touch points have on the future of the customer journey. This data insight highlights which parts of your funnel are working, where you’re maintaining customers, where you’re losing customers, and where there’s room for improvement. Overall, we help you to implement refines strategies to boost customer retention, minimise churn rates and streamline the consumer journey. We deliver improved outcomes, both for the customer and you’re your business.

Identify Barriers

Identify barriers standing in the way of transition through the funnel.

Meet Customer Expectation

Discover which parts of your approach are failing to meet customer expectation.

Lead Generation

Ensure you’re touching base with leads when they need you to.

Relevant Content

Make it easier to match content with the most relevant stage of the funnel.

Improve Conversions

Optimise landing pages for maximum effect and improved conversions.

Customer Experience

Create a positive all-round experience for your customers.


Consumer Analysis


Understand how gender, age, lifestyle, and interests determine your audience’s motivations and buying behaviors.


Know More

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