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Social Engagement

Understand what your audiences are discussing and personalise your communications to improve engagement.

Measure social media engagement
Connect with your customers on a deeper level

Track and measure your social media efforts

GBSN Research provides a clear and transparent way to accurately assess the effectiveness of your social media marketing and other social campaigns. Our tailored social engagement service is a comprehensive two-part process.

How we use it

We deliver accurate, actionable insights to show the impact social engagement is having on your core business

We start by measuring and interpreting customer communications across social media platforms and other online discussion channels to analyse sentiment surrounding your brand, its competitors and the industry as a whole.

The second part of our process puts this data to work to help you define your brand message. We’ll help you use our social engagement research to identify the best approach to nurture social engagement by tailoring, personalising, and adjusting your audience interactions to stimulate conversation and action.


Social Media Competitive Analysis


Research your competitor’s social media strategy and improve your audience satisfaction.

Know More

For more information about social engagement research and social listening services, talk to our team today!

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