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Product & Campaign Performance

Gain exceptional insight into how your audience feels about your products and marketing campaigns.

Ensure brand resonance

View your products and campaigns through your customer’s eyes

We help businesses ensure that their products and marketing materials resonate with the desired demographic by better aligning brand messaging with customer needs. We collect, organise and analyse social media, discussion forum, website traffic and advertising data to measure product usage and satisfaction, identify weaknesses and discover innovative ways to improve the customer experience.

How we use it

Know what works the best

To effectively and efficiently measure campaign performance, the GBSN Research team analyses customer reactions, assesses the association between off-site marketing and referral traffic and examines the overall reach of the campaign to generate an accurate idea of return on investment. Marketing ROI data allows organisations to modify budget allocation for best effect, and derive more value from their efforts.

Through The Customer's Eyes

Understand your products and campaigns from a consumer perspective.

Product Development

Generate data-driven insights into future product development.

Cost Reduction

Reduce marketing costs through identification of most valuable approaches.

Customer Centric Strategy

Ensure you’re offering customers what they want, when they want it.


Marketing Campaign Analysis


Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and get valuable insights to increase your marketing ROI.

Know More

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