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Marketing ROI

Discover how your campaigns are performing and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

Measure your marketing ROI

Track and measure your marketing efforts

Content generates reactions, but many businesses categorise these reactions based on positivity and negativity alone. Customer emotion and opinion isn’t black and white. GBSN Research delves deeper. We use social media data, financial data and marketing data, along with information sourced from your marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads and Moz to measure and track your marketing efforts.

How we use it

Find expense-reduction opportunities

In addition to in-depth campaign analysis, we assign context and assess sentiment to determine exactly how your marketing directly or indirectly influences sales volumes revenue, and profit. We’re also here to identify areas where improvements can be made, dialling up ROI and reducing wasted spend.

We closely study your ROI and assess specific metrics including lead quality, sales figures, web traffic and engagement to justify your marketing spend and ensure you’re making smart decisions to guide future campaigns and initiatives.

Effectiveness Assessment

Assess the effectiveness of both specific campaigns and long term promotion.

Maximise your Marketing Budget

Enable data-driven budget allocation and track value of marketing tools utilised.

Audience Engagement

Facilitate tailored campaigns that engage with audiences.

Marketing Strategies

Identify forms of marketing that could be used for greater impact.


Marketing Campaign Analysis


Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and get valuable insights to increase your marketing ROI.

Know More

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