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Competitor Analysis

Expand your share of voice and be heard by your audiences.

competitor analysis
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Know your competition

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

GBSN Research competitor analysis services take you right into the heart of your rival’s strategies. We research, collate and analyse competitor product information, practices, and marketing campaigns, to assess a brand’s position, benchmark performance and identify areas for improvement.

We study online, public and social media data to provide you with a better understanding of your market share and industry position. Ultimately, we give your organisation invaluable insight into exactly how customers view your business. This is placed in context, with data-driven landscape analysis. What’s more, our competitor analysis services will pinpoint why customers select one brand over another.

How we do it

What is it that really makes you unique?

Our professional researchers evaluate a brand’s largest competitors, honing in on everything from price tracking and revenue to mergers, acquisitions and partnerships. We give you a clear and transparent overview of who’s getting it right, and who’s getting it wrong, so you can tailor your approach and adjust your strategies to gain and maintain a competitive edge.


Provide a comprehensive view of your position within the market.

Strength and Weakness Assessment

Help you to better understand your brand’s strengths and weaknesses.

New Markets

Prepare for strategic entry into a new market and successfully compete within it. 

Trend Analysis

Understand how the latest trends can impact brand perception.

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Competitor Analysis


Identify and evaluate your competitors’ companies, products and marketing strategies to gain a competitive edge.

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