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Helping you to understand impact, be accountable and remain agile

GBSN Research is committed to providing ambitious organisations with the information and data they need to accurately measure performance and develop a deeper insight into the effectiveness of any activity.

Marketing ROI

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Product & Campaign Performance

Competitor Analysis

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Measuring the metrics that matter

GBSN Research make it easy to measure the true impact of any business action, whether that’s marketing, product development, social engagement, competitor analysis or any other metric. Our detailed, data-backed performance overview highlights strengths and identifies room for improvement, giving you the information you need to remain agile and accountable,

Our comprehensive measurement services are powered by market-leading technology to help you better link your efforts with business goals. By measuring perception and performance from a variety of sources, we empower businesses to derive the most value from their marketing, their research and their products.

Measure the impact of your actions

We work closely with marketing specialists leading teams at prolific organisations across a wide range of industries, including telecoms, automotive and pharmaceuticals, offering dedicated marketing ROI, social engagement, product and campaign performance and competitor analysis measurement.

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