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Social Media Listening

Track, monitor and interpret what your customers are saying about you. Identify trends and tap into consumer sentiment.

social media engagement
Social Media Monitoring

Protect your reputation

Take a proactive approach to online reputation management with cross-network social media monitoring for your brand. Real time social media listening can identify a problem before it escalates to a crisis, measure consumer sentiment and highlight key trends, helping you to manage risk and mitigate negative virality.

In addition to monitoring and tracking messages, comments, posts and mentions relating to your brand, industry or topic of interest, we take social media listening one step further.

How we use it

We give context to conversations to help you make sense of what’s being said about your brand.

GBSN Research will analyse and fully interpret the customer voice, offering actionable insight and real-time updates so that you can maintain an agile approach to communications and initiate remedial action when necessary. 

Our comprehensive social media listening service collates cross-channel data gathered from social networks, blogs, news sites, and forums to build a thorough overview of business and industry sentiment.

Content Strategy

Design and develop a strategic social media marketing strategy.

Brand Reputation

Closely monitor and manage online reputation and brand sentiment.

Trend Detection

Stay on top of the latest trends and developments within your industry.

Mitigate Risk

Mitigate negative perceptions with real time responses.

Customer Care

Better understand customer needs and meet evolving expectations.

Crisis Management

Provide time-sensitive sentiment and context in times of crisis.

How we do it

How do we implement a social listening strategy

Our team of analysts are experienced on a variety of data analysis tools for collecting, analyzing, organizing and visualizing data, and will give you access to important insights in no time.

Data collection

We establish the right queries in any language that will retrieve pertinent information about your industry, brand, products, and marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, news, blogs, or any other source in the web.

Quality assessment

We identify, correct, and eliminate inaccuracies from collected data (data cleaning), but also enhance, refine, and improve it (data enrichment) to ensure that your data is both accurate and optimized.

Quantitative analysis

We measure your performance and benchmark it against the competition with Sentiment Analysis, Topic Clouds, Mention Maps, Share of Voice, and dozens of other metrics.

Qualitative analysis

We obtain key insights, trends and understand who is your audience, what they care about, which influencers they trust, and turn this information into actionable opportunities.


We create reports that show the numbers that matter towards your goals with qualitative measurements, but also dig deeper with a qualitative analysis as to why those numbers were showing as they did.

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Social Listening


Monitor social media channels to empower your business strategy with real-time opinions, impacting your brand position on the market.

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