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Customer Feedback Data

Understand what your customers want and provide what they need, when they need it.

customer feedback data
social media engagement
Better understand your customers 

Use your customer feedback data to segment, target and improve

Big data has fast become one of the most important tools for customer engagement and competitive advantage, and yet a significant number of organisations are failing to fully utilise the information that’s available to them. GBSN Research helps businesses to derive greater value from customer relayed input through explicit analysis of behavioural patterns to monitor movement around the brand. We show you how customer emotion, feeling, experience and judgement impact on buying behaviours and provide strategic, data-led insights for marketing and sales teams.

How we use it

Internal and Online Data

We monitor, track and analyse consumer reactions using internal company sources such as CRM data and surveys and online resources including social media and review platforms. In addition to helping you gain a thorough understanding of the customer experience and satisfaction levels, we’re here to help you turn this data into accessible, usable and actionable information.

Whether you want to improve customer segmentation based on shared or common convention, quickly identify purchase trends to accurately predict shifts in future buying actions or want to develop targeted, tailored marketing and sales strategies we make it possible for you to engage with the right audience, at the right time to boost overall profitability.

Customer Engagement

Upgrade existing engagement strategies for greater effectiveness.


Personalise content to spark action from the right audience groups

Product Development

Tailor product development based on customer expectation and need.

Well-timed Communications

Derive more value from marketing through strategically timed communications.


Sentiment Analysis


Track customer sentiment and see what your audience likes and dislikes about your brand.

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