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Crisis Monitoring

Proactive social listening coupled with sentiment analysis to identify and diffuse public threats.

crisis monitoring
Proactive crisis management

Save your reputation

Our real time online and social media crisis management helps you to identify, monitor, track and nullify sensitive or negative content quickly.

GBSN Research is committed to giving businesses a voice to share their message and reinforce brand attitude. Our proactive online crisis monitoring solution tells you exactly what is being said about your business across the web, on social media, on the dark web and in public forums.

How we use it

A proactive and reactive approach to crisis monitoring

By taking this approach, GBSN Research helps to successfully mitigate negativity and controversy concerning business operations, public representatives and public figures for improved reputation and customer satisfaction. In addition to real time and comprehensive media monitoring of public sources, we also create strategic reactive action plans to stop potentially harmful content in its tracks.

Crisis Prevention

Stop a crisis from negatively affecting your organisation or public brand.

Strategic Planning

Generate a strategic action plan to minimise reputational risk.

Customer Perception

Provide actionable insights into customer sentiment and opinion.

Brand Voice

Put you in control of your own brand message and beliefs.

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Crisis Monitoring


Monitor real-time insights from online sources and social media conversations related to temporary failures, outages or negative events.

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