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Knowing and understanding
what your customers say
about you

GBSN Research offers a comprehensive selection of listening services, fueled with cutting edge tools. Our service portfolio includes social media listening, crisis monitoring, customer feedback data and web research.


We tune in, observe and monitor brand mentions from a wide variety of online sources and digital media, providing our clients with greater awareness and consciousness of recognition amongst target audiences.

Social Media Listening

Crisis Monitoring

Customer Feedback Data

Web Research

Extracting meaning from opinions

The way that brands and their customers interact is changing. Today’s audiences are provided with seemingly unlimited channels to have their say and share their opinion.

From social media accounts to personal blogs, from forums to interactive data capture surveys, modern businesses have access to more information sources than ever before. The challenge is that while this information can often be easily seen, it is much more difficult to extract meaning transform opinions into real, actionable insights.

Understand your customers

By listening to this information, rather than simply seeing it, the GBSN Research team empowers our clients to understand their emotional footprint, generate a plan of action and implement this plan to strengthen the business/customer connection. We actively listen to social media posts, customer feedback data, online reviews, company complaints, and an extensive range of content created through all stages of the customer journey. We help you not just to understand perception of your brand, but to anticipate possible future scenarios and effectively manage situations before they arise.

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