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Data Entry

Organise your most valuable data for improved access and streamlined operations.

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Improve your data handling

All of your data where and how you want it

Thanks to services such as social listening and web research, businesses now hold more information about their organisation, their employees, their clients and their competitors than ever before. There is an urgent need for improved data handling and management across many industries. GBSN Research collates, organises and makes sense of your data collection for improved data security, better organisation and streamlined access to the valuable information you hold.

How we use it

Up-to-date and accurate data

We offer professional entry, processing, conversion, and cataloguing services for multilingual data. We handle data collected from a variety of input sources including image text, questionnaires, documents, business and comment cards and other forms of scanned and handwritten materials containing extractable data. This data is validated and converted into custom output formats such as Excel, XML and cloud-based systems depending on your needs.

We work with businesses across the medical, financial, insurance, legal, and real estate industries to streamline processes, reduce operational costs, boost accuracy and free up valuable internal resources for profitable tasks.

Digital Transformation

Facilitate digital transformation and move manual process to digital systems.

Ease of Access

Communicate handwritten information effectively and efficiently with customers.

Error Free

Minimise errors for improved reputation and boosted customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Security

Store vital and confidential handwritten data in a more secure manner.

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