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Data Annotation for AI & Machine Learning

Clean, unbiased, and representative training data for high-quality machine learning models.

machine learning training
Improve your AI models

Highly accurate data labels to teach your model to make correct predictions

Artificial intelligence (AI) models are only as good as the data it is trained with. GBSN Research’s project managers and its team of multilingual qualified workers will help you annotate your data and ensure its quality, so you can focus on building and optimising your machine learning models. We provide different types of annotation, such as image classification, object detection/recognition, and segmentation.

What we do

Tool agnostic data annotation

GBSN Research provides effective custom solutions for data collection, data cleansing, and data validation, across multiple data types, including image, video, speech, audio, and text for your specific AI needs.

Image Annotation & Captioning

Video Annotation

Text Annotation & Categorization

Audio Annotation

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High-quality image annotation services to power your machine learning algorithms. Single annotation: starts from € 0.07.

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