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Content Moderation

Boost the quality of your content, and make your voice heard.

Data sources optimisation

Improve your social media content moderation

GBSN Research is committed to helping organisations retain control over their online image and brand. We help you get your message across with clarity and impact in an environment dominated by peer-to-peer content. Working to screen, monitor and approve content such as social media posts, blog comments and reviews prior to publication, we ensure that your business voice is heard, not masked by potential third party inaccuracies.

We make it easier for modern businesses to find a revenue-driven middle ground between the growing importance of user-generated content and the continued value of a strong, consistent and recognisable brand message.

How we use it

Protect your brand and your users

We help businesses to improve the quality of their content through the removal of irrelevant, obscene, defamatory or illegal postings, ensuring that information provided to audiences always creates value and helps guide them on their customer journey.

Meet Expectations

Ensure business websites meet the needs and expectations of visitors.

Risk Management

Minimise the risk of inaccurate information from third party sources.

Crisis Prevention

Act as additional crisis management layer, with early identification of negativity.

Customer Sentiment

Create more ways to collect and analyse customer sentiment and opinion.


Content Analysis


Know what type of content draws your audience’s attention and improve the engagement on your social media channels.

Know More

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We respect your privacy and do not tolerate spam and will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information to any third party.