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AI & Machine Learning

Derive greater value from your automated applications.

machine learning training
Improve your AI

Improving artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms with training at scale

Automated business processes are now implemented across many areas and industries. GBSN Research helps you to derive the most value from your AI and machine learning systems. We improve artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms by training them at scale through our image annotation, tagging and NLP categorization services. 

Using natural language processing and sentiment analysis training, we gather real customer relayed data, analyse context and use this to improve the automated responses and actions generated by AI chatbots, virtual assistants, bounding boxes and more.

How we use it

A human touch to AI training and machine learning

By improving AI and machine learning systems, we make it easier for our clients to improve their customer service and customer satisfaction levels, generate higher quality leads, identify trends and predict future behaviours for tailored, targeted campaigns. Our mission is to open the door to lower operating costs, optimised product development, and streamlined data-driven campaigns which connect with audiences.

Advanced Object Recognition

Video Annotation

Semantic Understanding

3D Point Cloud Annotation

Image Annotation & Categorisation

Facial Recognition

Image Tags

Text Transcription from Images


Data Training for AI


Train your machine learning models. Prepare data for machine learning and artificial intelligence projects faster and more accurately.

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