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Helping you scale up the quality of your data also empowers you to derive more meaning from it.

GBSN Research turns complex datasets into accessible, usable information. We transfer vulnerable physical data to secure online storage for improved accessibility, manageability and safety. We help you to fully utilise your data by organising, cleaning, and updating datasets, leaving you with information that’s free from errors, duplication and corruption.

Data Entry

Data Quality

Data Source Optimisation

Content Moderation

AI & Machine Learning

Improving your data

Businesses hold more information about their customers than ever before. Improving the quality of this information for a better data analysis and actionable use, and finding new, innovative ways to efficiently collect this data. As our clients across the fintech, edtech, SaaS, blockchain, and mobile industries have begun to incorporate AI and machine learning into their data collection algorithms, we have extended our improvement services. These include natural language processing, computer vision, and image annotation, helping you to train your software at scale and derive more value from your virtual assistants, chatbots, facial recognition systems and other software. 

Data Security Compliance

Compliance is at the heart of GBSN Research services. While working to improve the quality of your data, we have regulation at the forefront of our processes, ensuring you comply not only with your organisation’s own guidelines, but also with legislation surrounding data collection, use and storage. Whether we’re conducting data entry, data quality, data source, content moderation, or AI and machine learning services, we work with our clients to ensure full compliance, always.

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