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Sales Opportunities

Maximise sales opportunities to boost revenue and profits.

identify sales opportunities
Better data-driven decisions

Identifying your sales opportunities

GBSN Research helps clients to identify and maximise sales opportunities. We collect customer data and identify key purchase signals across the sales funnel. By cutting through the noise and identifying the opportunities that truly matter, we help businesses of all sizes and sectors to generate more marketing qualified and sales qualified leads. Our sales opportunities solutions empower you to make better data-driven decisions. We help you to quickly locate and effectively leverage qualified upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

How we use it

Stand out from your competition

We closely analyse customer data collected from various points in the consumer buying journey to create a tailored, personalised persona of your company’s ideal sales-ready consumer. Our services help you and your sales and marketing teams to gain a better understanding of where your leads are, what they’re looking for, and how to reach them. As a result, you’ll be able to design effective, targeted approaches that really engage and connect.

With fierce competition the norm in every industry, the ability to derive full value from customer data and match the business approach to customer expectation is one of the most effective ways to boost visibility and stand out from the crowd.

Buying Behaviour

Identify changes in customer buying behaviours.

Trend Analysis

Analyse trends to predict future demands.

Lifecycle Stages

Generate new, high quality MQLs and SQLs.

Boost Sales

Boost sales and drive profitability and revenue.

Lead Generation


Get a list of high-quality leads to support your marketing and sales teams in finding new opportunities and turning them into customers.

Know More

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