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Key Opinion Leaders

Solidify your status and authority in the industry with the right partnership.

Identifying the influencers

A powerful strategy for your brand

Influencer marketing is no longer a marketing trend. It’s an established, credible and proven tactic to reach core audiences, boost brand awareness, improve online visibility, establish trust and drive sales. GBSN Research helps businesses generate a strong ROI on influencer marketing by identifying appropriate strategic partnerships. We help you to cut through the noise and hone in on your most valuable opinion leaders, contributors and ambassadors. We work with you to nurture those relationships and ensure those influencers are leveraged to share your brand’s image, products, services, and values with exactly the right audiences.

How we use it

Target your ideal audience

By monitoring social channels and analysing the online footprint of key industry opinion leaders, we’re able to quickly identify the right influencers, in the right communities, with the right follower base, to guide your brand vision in the intended direction. Our solution ensures you achieve your campaign goals and reach the right demographic. 

We connect your organisation with influencers covering the topics that matter to your brand on the platforms and channels that matter to your desired audience.

Influencer Identification

Tap into new audience pools.

Trend Analysis

Analyse trends to predict future demands.

Lifecycle Stages

Generate new, high quality MQLs and SQLs.

Boost Sales

Boost sales and drive profitability and revenue.


Influencer Marketing Identification


Find the right social influencers for your brand. Compare performance and discover the right influencer for your next campaign.

Know More

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