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Conversation Drivers

Getting to the bottom of what makes your customers share online.

influencer identification
Identifying conversation drivers

Derive value from your research

Understanding what motivates your customers to take action is critical to increasing conversation, but there’s much more value to be derived from this research than click throughs alone. By better understanding what drives your customers to share their opinions and write reviews for their peers, you’ll have a much deeper understanding of real time consumer sentiment and be much better placed to meet their expectations.

How we use it

Cut through the noise

GBSN Research doesn’t just work to identify the most relevant and valuable real time conversations taking place across social media channels and online communities. We go further and assign meaning and context to those conversations. We cut through the noise to provide you with the most relevant insights and trends for your industry, offering a truly comprehensive understanding of consumer conversation.

Competitor Identification

Identify shifts in interest such as pinpointing the emergence of a new competitor.

Detect Correlations

Detect correlated online interests including spotting topics that are often mentioned together.

Top Themes

Identify significant spikes in conversation volumes for proactive management.

Best Time to Post

Understand the best day to publish to predict and disrupt competitor strategies.

Political Campaign Analysis


In-depth political campaign analysis with candidates engagement rate, audience opinions and concerns, main topics discussed, and positive and negative conversation drivers.

Know More

For more information about working with GBSN to identify what drives your customers to speak out online, talk to our team today!

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