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Consumer & Product Insights

Better align your approach to each stage of the consumer journey.

consumer insights
customer feedback data
Understand your customers

Identifying your current and future customers

If you want to maintain a solid market position, it’s essential you have in-depth knowledge of your existing and potential customer base. You need to know how a product or service performs in order to identify improvement opportunities and determine if a change in approach could deliver better results. However, with the rise of non-linear journeys, it can be difficult to analyse data collated from different stages of the sales funnel. 

GBSN Research measures and understands every action your consumers take and where they take it, whether that is making a purchase or watching an advertisement. We bring together valuable data from these multiple sources so that you fully understand what you’re doing right and where the opportunities for improvement lie.

How we use it

Actionable customer insights

We identify the most useful consumer and product insights by collecting data from internal CRM systems, customer feedback forms, social media, surveys and public sources. We conduct detailed thematic analysis to provide you with actionable insights into every stage of your customer’s journey along with identifying their emotions, experiences and opinions about your products and services. We give you a competitive edge and help you to identify where your customer journey can be improved.

Customer Analysis

Understand customer sentiment, expectation, and opinion.

Proof of Concept

Assess the validity of new business ideas and optimize product development.

Targeted Marketing

Improve customer segmentation for more targeted campaigns.


Analyse pricing and benchmark against competitors.

Survey Data Analysis


Collect information about your target audience to identify positive patterns, detect areas for improvements, and match strategy with market demand.

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