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Buyer Personas & Customer Segmentation

Turn demographics into psychographics to learn more about your customer base.

customer feedback data
Identifying your most valuable buyer personas

Strategic customer profiling

Most businesses hold a surprising amount of factual information about their customer base, including age, gender, location and income. GBSN Research can help you to transform those demographics into psychographics to give you a better rounded picture of who’s using your products and services. By strategic customer profiling and data collection, we help you to learn more about your customers’ personalities, preferences, interests and behaviours.

How we use it

Find your most valuable customer groups

Buyer personas are an artificially-generated overview of your ‘ideal’ customer, built up from needs, wants, expectations and preferences. By understanding the inner workings of your target customer, we can help you identify the tactics needed to reach them and engage with them through tailored content, messaging and product development. 

Our personas can also be used to track observational differences in customers and predict ROI for each segment, making it easy for you to find your most valuable customer groups for better prioritisation.

Targeted Content

Improve marketing strategies to deliver the right content to the right people.

Customer Perspective

Make it easier to view your efforts from a consumer perspective.


Focus on valuable audience groups most likely to convert.

Budget Allocation

Have confidence your marketing budget is allocated to the most valuable tasks.


Consumer Analysis


Understand how gender, age, lifestyle, and interests determine your audience’s motivations and buying behaviors.


Know More

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