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Better identify the opportunities that matter to your organisation.

From new product and service prospects to marketing and sales opportunities, growth options can be found almost anywhere. GBSN Research knows that not all opportunities are created equally. We understand that you need to identify the most effective opportunities for you. We help businesses to find and leverage those opportunities that don’t just facilitate growth, but facilitate growth in the right direction, making it easier to align development decisions with business goals.

Consumer & Product Insights

Sales Opportunities

Key Opinion Leaders

Customer Segmentation

Conversation Drivers

Meeting your growth goals

Through social listening, data collection and in depth analysis, our experienced data science team monitors and tracks signals from target audiences, consumers and key opinion leaders within your industry. We provide valuable, actionable insights into product perception, brand perception and customer expectation, enabling you to make more informed decisions and really identify the best course of action. 

We work with growing companies in the energy, entertainment, finance, healthcare, retail, technology, and travel sectors, along with all businesses striving to make better data-driven decisions

Identify your most valuable opportunities

We offer a specialist range of solutions focusing on aspects such as buyer personas, customer segmentation, conversation drivers and key opinion leader perspective. We work to provide you with the information you need to scale your business. Ultimately, we help you to filter through the numerous growth opportunities available to your organisation, finding smart partnerships and development projects that meet your consumer’s expectations, take into account future trends, and create a solid base on which you can continue to grow.

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