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Web Analytics

Discover how your customers interact with your website, and generate a data-driven content strategy.

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website data insights
Understand who visits your website

Turn your existing website data into useful information for your business

GBSN Research helps you make sense of the complex website data that you already hold. Our web analytics solutions extract greater value from website data, so you can improve funnels and boost conversions. We use advanced tools such as Google Analytics and Search Console to deep dive into your web traffic. This data is then translated into an actionable report, detailing how your website is performing and whether it’s successfully engaging, retaining, and most importantly, converting web traffic into leads or clients.

How we do it

Improve your website’s conversion rates

GBSN web analytics solutions empower you to improve conversion rates and generate more high quality leads than ever before. We provide a solid overview of how your customers navigate your website, and identify exit points and bottlenecks. We’ll support you in turning web analytics from raw data into highly optimised landing pages, custom designed to meet specific needs based on sales funnel position. Improve your SEO strategy, refine your web design and derive the most value from your marketing efforts – all of this is possible and powered by our web analytics solutions.

Analytical Reports

Generate custom analytical reports for use by marketing or management team.


Provide reporting on key performance indicators for your website.

Understand Google Analytics

Configure Google Analytics to maximize the value of the reports available.

Ads and Campaigns

Review performance of paid search campaigns and other online advertising.

Website Traffic

Improve your ability to visualize and understand your website traffic.


Provide suggestions for website improvements to capture more website traffic.


Business Analytics


Professional assistance for companies that need on-demand support in data processing, analysis, and business reporting.

Know More

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