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Data Visualization & Reporting

Turning complex data sets into easy-to-understand graphics.

research reporting
Turn complex data into meaningful information

Generate clear, concise reports with actionable insight

Most businesses hold wealth of valuable data about their audiences, but accessing and using this data to its full potential is often a fragmented, frustrating process due to data format and silos. GBSN Research takes complex data sets and turns them into meaningful information with visual representation. We transform unusable data into plain English reports, highly shareable presentations, infographics and interactive dashboards highlighting trends and patterns. You don’t just see your data, you’ll also see better decision making and business opportunities.

How we do it

Present your market research findings in a clear and concise manner

Using tools such as MS Excel, Qlikview, Tableau, Spotfire, and MicroStrategy, GBSN Research analysts will present your most valuable data in a clear and concise format, avoiding industry jargon and highlighting information of value with visualization and reporting.

Along with findings and conclusions, the GBSN Research team will share recommendations to support you in improving your businesses processes and engaging with your clients more efficiently.

Marketing Performance

Marketing performance analysis across all utilised channels.

Cross-channel Behaviour

Channel attribution to better understand cross-channel behaviour of audiences.

Visitor Behavioural Analysis

Define an appropriate targeting strategy for different audience segments.

Consumer Sentiment Analysis

Interpret and identify real time discussion and conversation.

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Professional assistance for companies that need on-demand support in data processing, analysis, and business reporting.

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