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With a global research team delivering full-service solutions, we’re here to help you make better decisions and better serve your customers. Powerful data insights, personalised to you.


Cutting-edge listening across social media, online and traditional media. Keep tabs on what’s being said about your brand and extract meaning from opinion.

Social Media Listening Monitor what’s said about your brand across social media, in real time.

Crisis Monitoring Social listening with sentiment analysis to quickly identify and effectively diffuse public threats.

Customer Feedback Data Monitor, track and understand customer feedback with actionable steps to give them what they want.

Web Research Extracting the business intelligence and raw data you need from around the web to improve, learn and pivot.


Improving your data quality to power better decision making, ensure compliance and assure accessibility.

Data Entry Go digital plus improve data collation, organisation and storage for easier access.

Data Quality Better data handling, management, and maintenance to retain the value of your data over time.

Data Source Optimisation Locate your most beneficial and most useful data sources for better research and decision making.

Content Moderation Stay in control of your brand and the conversation with managed content moderation.

AI & Machine Learning Improve your AI and machine learning processes at scale.


Identify the opportunities that matter to your organisation and act on them with powerful data insights and analysis.

Consumer & Product Insights Monitor, understand and benefit from every stage of the customer journey.

Sales Opportunities Identify the right sales opportunities for every stage of your business.

Key Opinion Leaders Influencer marketing across the channels and platforms that matter to you and your audience.

Customer Segmentation Turning demographics into psychographics for better customer targeting and improved results.

Conversation Drivers Identify talking points, keep pace with interest spikes and lead the conversation.


Be prepared for what’s around the corner by using data to anticipate new trends and change consumer behaviours.

Market Trends Pinpointing emerging trends to future proof your business strategies.

Customer Behaviour Predict how your customers will react to marketing, products and services.

Consumer Journey Understand what your consumers are going to do, before they do it.


Measure the impact of your actions, assign value to action and make data-backed decision to drive improvements, agility and accountability.

Marketing ROI Understand the effectiveness of your campaigns and attribute value.

Social Engagement Measure the success of your social media activity.

Product & Campaign Performance Understand and quantify what your customers think and feel about your products and campaigns.

Competitor Analysis Get right to the heart of your rival’s strategies and understand how you measure up.


Data is worthless without meaning. Analyse, interpret and understand your data across business units, marketing campaigns and customer types.

data collection

Customer Analytics Understanding how your customers behave and why they do what they do.

Web Analytics Delve deep into the nuts and bolts of your site’s performance, from traffic acquisition to the customer journey.

Marketing Analytics Bring accountability to your marketing with channel attribution and behavioural analysis in an omnichannel world.

Visualization & Reporting Turn raw data into meaningful information with actionable insights and accessible reporting.

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