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Survey Analysis Report

The data collected on surveys means nothing without proper analysis. GBSN Research helped an online forum to efficiently analyze a large volume of qualitative data with thematic analysis, providing meaningful audience insights for better decision-making.

Forum Survey Analysis GBSN

What you will get

  • Purpose of the analysis: an overview of the trends present in the qualitative responses of an online survey, to understand how users were using the forums;
  • Questions analysis: open-ended questions analyzed individually and classified by themes, containing graphics, key insights, and observations;
  • Summary of the findings: the forum is still considered a strong alternative to public conversations on social media, as it gives users a safe possibility to share their data and content.

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“GBSN Research provides fantastic results and their customer service is top-notch. They are the only ones I turn to for my projects. Highly recommend their services!”

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“The requirement was duly set, asking sufficient questions to assure understanding of the need. In a couple of days, I got everything to my satisfaction. With no doubts, I will come back to work with GBSN Research for future activities.”

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Forum Survey Analysis GBSN
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