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How to Get Valuable Insights Through Social Listening - GBSN

How to Get Valuable Insights Through Social Listening

Listen to any online conversation and you’ll get insights into the thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of social media users. For example, by reading local Facebook groups, you might find out that a new restaurant brings little nibbles to tables as customers are reading through the
Grow Your Business With Social Listening - GBSN

Grow Your Business With Social Listening

Social listening is a two-part act – something which many businesses overlook. The first part is the obvious part: selecting channels, tuning into conversations, and analysing online discussions to discover what customers and audiences really think about your brand.  And that’s where many businesses stop.
Why is Social Listening Important - GBSN

Why is Social Listening Important?

‘Consumer insights’, ‘customer understanding’, ‘the bigger picture’... a simple internet search will show all the things gained from listening. But what is perhaps even more vital for businesses right now is to understand just why social listening is so important from an operational standpoint.  Here,
How Does Social Listening Work - GBSN

How Does Social Listening Work?

Getting a finger on the pulse of exactly who is saying what about your brand is critical to making informed, strategic business decisions. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos once said that, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you aren’t in the room”.