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The World Cup 2022 according to Social Media

With the 2022 World Cup in Qatar kicking off on Sunday, November 20, GBSN decided to take to social media to find out how people around the world think each phase of this year’s tournament will play out.

GBSN Research gathered predictions for results from posts in more than 13 languages from the 32 countries competing for the world title.

Netherlands, England, Argentina, France, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, and Portugal are said to win their qualifying groups.

Group stage

According to the data analyzed for the group phase, these are the winners and runners-up that will progress to the round of 16:

Group winners will be the Netherlands, England, Argentina, France, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, and Portugal.

Senegal, the United States, Mexico, Denmark, Spain, Canada, Serbia, and Ghana will advance to the next round after finishing second in their respective groups.

Round of 16

Following the group stage, winners and runner ups will face off:

The Netherlands, Argentina, France, England, Germany, Brazil, Belgium, and Portugal will win and advance to the World Cup quarterfinals.

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With only 8 national teams remaining, this is how the quarterfinals will pan out:

Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, and France will advance to the semifinals.


As the competition nears its conclusion, Argentina will face Brazil, while France will encounter Portugal to determine who advances to the final.

Argentina will defeat neighboring Brazil, while Portugal will beat France and reach a World Cup final for the first time in its history.

Third place pay-off

Brazil and France will play the third-place playoff game on December 17.

Brazil takes the 3rd place in a World Cup for the third time in its history.


Argentina will attempt to win its third World Cup when it faces Portugal in the final.

Portugal wins the World Cup for the first time in its history.

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About this research

Three steps were taken to move from raw data to data that allowed us to achieve our goals:


1. Collect the data from social media;

2. Prepare and transform the data: cleansed the data for maximum accuracy and relevancy, and transform the original data many times to gain valuable insights;

3. Analyze the resulting data: discovered useful information and insightful correlations.

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We source, process, and enrich data records from a variety of public sources such as e-commerce marketplaces, online stores, business platforms, news, forums, or social media, delivering multilingual data for global brands.

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