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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Intelligence?

We all know that changes in technology happen all the time. As stated by Mordor Intelligence in its Digital Transformation Market Report, due to increased competition within industries, investments in technology are further increased to gain a competitive advantage in the market. We can expect rapid growth in the coming years due to the massive implementation of AI systems and ML models by companies in the most diverse sectors. According to the report, the global digital transformation market is expected to grow 18.5% over the 2021-2026 period.

This revolution driven by artificial intelligence is automating cognitive tasks, largely by recognizing patterns that are not evident to the naked eye. But there is a limit to the scope of even the most innovative of technologies. Technology alone is no match for human ability. Humans still need to manage and oversee machine-related decisions.

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Different purposes

As automation has become more widely adopted, there have been several stories in recent years about the potential for robots to take over jobs. But the truth is that humans and automated technologies serve different purposes. Automated tasks can enable us to gather data that we wouldn’t be able to otherwise, but still require intervention by humans capable of critical thinking. It is necessary to understand the contexts to enhance data delivery.

Regardless of how advanced the technology is, artificial intelligence is still driven by algorithms that need to be precisely labeled by humans, to ensure that the data is accurate, clean, and properly labeled before being implemented in machine learning models.


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