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The Role of AI in the Post-Covid World

Artificial intelligence will certainly be one of the main propellers used to get out of the crisis created by the pandemic. The opportunities this presents across domains will help governments and businesses automate menial tasks while also tracking, anticipating, and uncovering major trends.

Governments are already using AI to manage people flow in different locations, and smart cities will connect citizens to services in real-time. The type of solutions that are within our reach would simplify everything, from the mass distribution of vaccines to the general population to the distribution of food supplies in underprivileged areas.

There are also solutions being developed in the health sector that specifically target viruses that have the potential to affect populations at a large scale. One of the key challenges we will have to tackle is the availability of reliable data to feed these systems and ensure they are up to date.

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AI in a post-COVID-19 world

For businesses, AI has been pushing boundaries and replacing repetitive and obsolete business processes. It also enables a more holistic and integrated view of the state of the company and the market, providing better support for critical decision-making.

According to the report AI in a Post-COVID-19 World by The AI Journal, nearly three-quarters of leaders feel positive about the role that AI will play in the future, expecting that it will make business processes more efficient, help create new business models, and enable the creation of new products and services.

Several companies are working to democratize AI and machine learning. insideBIGDATA listed three emerging trends showing how AI will shape the business landscape moving forward: the need for planning under uncertainty; the growth of AI and data science in old-guard industries; and the democratization of AI and machine learning. Algorithms and datasets are shared by small and big companies and there is a common effort to move forward with the development of new solutions.


Creative power in the hands of the end-user

What we need to keep in mind is that AI is already all around us. Everything, from searching the web to posting a picture or getting a suggestion for the best route to the supermarket is AI-powered. The challenge in this area is intimately connected to a broader problem: there aren’t enough skilled workers to meet the current demand, and the wages are so high that not every company will be able to compete in this market.

One way to ensure democratization would be to make low/no-code solutions available to the general market at a competitive cost. Having a solution that allows companies and individuals would grant everyone access to create tools that shape our reality and individual experience. The most important AI application would be one that puts creative power in the hands of the end-user.


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