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New York City Rent Prices By Borough And Neighborhood

While New York City is known for being an expensive place to live in general, housing prices vary by borough and can even be vastly different from one neighborhood to the next.

The average rent in a Manhattan neighborhood known for trendy bars and shops will almost certainly be higher than in a family-friendly Staten Island neighborhood. Many factors, such as square footage, distance to public transportation, and overall location, greatly affect how expensive a neighborhood is.

“The median price of an apartment rental in NYC is $3,550” (April 2022)

GBSN Research gathered data to perceive how rent prices vary between different neighborhoods within each borough and which areas have the highest and lowest rents.

New York rental market

Out of a total of 5452 properties for rent in New York, NY. 1-bedroom apartments are the most common, accounting for 42% of all available listings, closely followed by 2-bedroom apartments (31%). 6-Bedroom apartments are the least common, with only two listings.


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Rents by borough

In New York City, the median rent is $3,550 in Manhattan, $2,850 in Brooklyn, and $2,400 in Queens.

Rents by neighborhood

The average rent in certain Manhattan neighborhoods is even higher, believe it or not. A month’s rent in the more desirable areas costs an average of $4,458.

Most expensive neighborhoods

Cheapest neighborhoods

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About this research

Three steps were taken to move from raw data to data that allowed us to achieve our goals:


1. Collect the data from online aggregators from different parts of the world;

2. Prepare and transform the data: cleansed the data for maximum accuracy and relevancy, and transform the original data many times to gain valuable insights;

3. Analyze the resulting data: discovered useful information and insightful correlations.


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About our company

GBSN Research team has key expertise in online research, data collection, and data processing. We gather consumer opinion, product information and market data, with the purpose of delivering up-to-date insights to global professionals, from automotive to healthcare.

We source, process, and enrich data records from a variety of public sources such as e-commerce marketplaces, online stores, business platforms, news, forums, or social media, delivering multilingual data for global brands.

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