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Food Prices 2022

Nearly every food item is now more expensive than a year ago.

According to our research which covered the variation of food prices across 12 countries, food prices increased an average of 27.6% from October 2021 to October 2022.

Almost every food item has become more expensive. Eggs, for example, were 29.6% more expensive in October than a year ago; bread was 21.7% more expensive.

“Overall food prices climbed 28% in the last year”

GBSN Research collected information from several local supermarkets to determine how food prices have changed since last year and which items have changed the most.

Food prices in Turkey have risen by more than 98% in the last year. China, on the other hand, experienced the smallest increase (6%).

In Europe, Germany saw the greatest increase (27%), while Italy saw the smallest (20%).

Russia’s food prices are 11% lower than the global average (28%) with a 17% increase. Interestingly, the price of potatoes, salt, oranges, and sugar in Russia has dropped significantly, by -12%, -15%, -20%, and -28%, respectively.

Items with the highest price increase

Vegetable Oil

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United States

Top 3 items with greatest price increase

United Kingdom

Top 3 items with greatest price increase


Top 3 items with greatest price increase


Top 3 items with greatest price increase


Top 3 items with greatest price increase


Top 3 items with greatest price increase


Top 3 items with greatest price increase


Top 3 items with greatest price increase


Top 3 items with greatest price increase

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About this research

Three steps were taken to move from raw data to data that allowed us to achieve our goals:


1. Collect the data from online aggregators from different parts of the world;

2. Prepare and transform the data: cleansed the data for maximum accuracy and relevancy, and transform the original data many times to gain valuable insights;

3. Analyze the resulting data: discovered useful information and insightful correlations.


Below is an example of how data is collected by our team. Click here to download the sample.

About our company

GBSN Research team has key expertise in online research, data collection, and data processing. We gather consumer opinion, product information and market data, with the purpose of delivering up-to-date insights to global professionals, from automotive to healthcare.

We source, process, and enrich data records from a variety of public sources such as e-commerce marketplaces, online stores, business platforms, news, forums, or social media, delivering multilingual data for global brands.

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