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Summertime Car Rental Prices Around the World

Why do car rental prices change so much? There are several factors that determine the price on any given day. Prices can fluctuate because of the country and city you are renting the car in, the season, a particular holiday, the car category, the rental

Collecting the Right Data for Machine Learning

Datasets are the backbone of machine learning. Datasets are usually large collections of information that are used to train a machine learning model to either predict an outcome or to recommend a course of action for an algorithm. In order to train a model, you

The Role of AI in the Post-Covid World

Artificial intelligence will certainly be one of the main propellers used to get out of the crisis created by the pandemic. The opportunities this presents across domains will help governments and businesses automate menial tasks while also tracking, anticipating, and uncovering major trends. Governments are

Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Intelligence?

We all know that changes in technology happen all the time. As stated by Mordor Intelligence in its Digital Transformation Market Report, due to increased competition within industries, investments in technology are further increased to gain a competitive advantage in the market. We can expect rapid
Benefits of Outsourcing Data Services - GBSN

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Services

Businesses hold more information about their organization, employees, customers and competitors than ever before. There is an urgent need to improve the quality of the information for a better data analysis and actionable use, and to find new and innovative ways to efficiently collect this
Why Does Social Media Listening Matter - GBSN

Why Does Social Media Listening Matter?

Do you know your customers? Are you clear about what they want? And about what they expect? According to a research by software firm Acquia, it appears that some businesses may not know their customers quite as well as they think they do. The ‘Closing
What to Include in Your Crisis Management Communication Plan - GBSN

What to Include in Your Crisis Management Communication Plan

There are a number of ways that businesses can be proactive and minimize the risk of a crisis. This includes the implementation of ethical data collection services, as well as strategic data preparation to ensure sensitive information is organized and stored securely. However, despite best
The Relationship Between Big Data and Artificial Intelligence - GBSN

The Relationship Between Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Collecting data through customer feedback and market research has long been a core task for businesses wanting to take a data-driven approach to change, but the way we’re collecting this data is evolving. Digital footprints are getting bigger, which means there’s more data than ever