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Insights and improved data-driven decision making

The sports industry is by its very nature, competitive. GBSN Research has worked with some of the most prolific sporting brands and teams to help them use data more effectively, better understand consumer trends and conduct social media and media monitoring.

Prior projects in this space have included providing on-field analytics to improve team and player performance. We have also provided comprehensive off-field analytics which support sports businesses in other ways, increasing profitability by boosting ticket and merchandise sales and improving engagement with fans.

GBSN Research solutions for the sports industry include:

Social listening (monitoring) to collect and analyse social media discussions about the brand.

Gathering and analysing customer feedback data related to satisfaction levels.

Performing web research to better understand notable data.

Identifying sales opportunities which will boost profitability for the brand.

Using analytics both on and off the track and field to further support teams.

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