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Insights and improved data-driven decision making

Companies in the retail space must remain adaptable, customer-friendly and sales-focused, respond to changing trends, and learn how to navigate the continued growth of their e-commerce platforms.

GBSN Research is well equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to pinpoint the most useful insights for the industry while also keeping track of consumer demand, trends and sentiment. Our team has worked with some of the biggest brands in retail, helping them to successfully navigate product development and the path to market.

Key projects in this sector include sales and inventory data reporting and visualisation, sales opportunity research, customer analytics, content moderation and customer feedback analysis. This information can be used to future-proof product development and marketing strategies as well as provide fingertip access to sales, inventory and customer data and analysis for improved decision making.

GBSN Research solutions for retail clients include:

Social listening (monitoring) to find out what is being said about the brand.

AI & machine learning to improve online algorithms.

Consumer and product insights to understand customer actions.

Identifying future sales opportunities by monitoring and assessing key signals.

Sales data, customer trends and inventory analysis.

To find out more about accessing our retail sector expertise, talk to our team today!

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