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Insights and improved data-driven decision making

The pharmaceuticals industry is famously cut-throat and complex, requiring companies in this space to remain agile, ethical and knowledgeable about both their patients and their prescriptions. This level of knowledge frequently needs a helping hand, allowing businesses to respond quickly to threats and assess key challenges. 

GBSN Research has helped pharmaceutical clients to understand consumer sentiment and the industry landscape with expert tools which respond perfectly to the challenges of this sector. 

Our work in this industry has focused primarily on monitoring and reporting on adverse events, ensuring clients have all the information they require to move forward with impactful and effective strategies.

pharma research

Our services for this vertical include:

Social media listening (monitoring) for reputation management.

Crisis monitoring to identify threats early and respond accordingly.

Data entry using a wide variety of tools in accordance with client requirements.

Engaging with key opinion leaders and influencers to help build relationships.

Performing competitor analysis to identify areas of improvement.

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