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Fashion & Beauty

Insights and improved data-driven decision making

The fashion and beauty industry is notoriously competitive and cut-throat, yet also provides many creative growth opportunities. To be successful, business development and marketing campaigns must undergo continuous adjustment and assessment – allowing them to thrive in this space. 

GBSN Research has been instrumental in helping some of the world’s top fashion and beauty brands to achieve their goals. Prior work in this sector has included the identification of both influencer and partnership opportunities, as a means of boosting the presence of client brands and positively impacting sales. 

In addition, we have tracked new product and campaign launches using a fleet of campaign analysis tools, while simultaneously monitoring and managing feedback to track consumer sentiment.

GBSN Research provides a range of services to the fashion and beauty sector, including:

Market trends prediction for a precise understanding of future patterns.

Engagement with relevant influencers for positive collaborations.

Campaign analysis of launches to fuel continuous improvement.

Social listening (monitoring) for reputation management.

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