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Consumer Goods

Strategic product development, tailored marketing strategies and more engaged consumers

In today’s ultra-competitive landscape, your consumer packaged goods firm must be continually alert to opportunities to grow market share, consolidate market position, outshine competitors and better engage with consumers. 

GBSN Research’s advanced tools help companies in the consumer packaged goods industry to better understand consumer sentiment, and harness invaluable insights such as consumer demand, preferences and sentiment. 

These insights power strategic product development, tailored marketing strategies and more engaged consumers. GBSN Research also guides consumer packaged goods firms to become more innovative and forward-thinking through advanced AI and machine learning.

Some of the key tools used at GBSN Research to provide these insights include:

Social listening / monitoring for effective insight gathering across social channels.

Identification and engagement with key opinion leaders or influencers.

Content moderation to screen and monitor client channels for suitable content.

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Case Study

Discover how GBSN Research worked with a premium vodka brand to draw meaning from customers’ reviews and determine brand perception.

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Social mentions and word-cloud;

Brand perception and conversation drivers;

Regional patterns and product trends;

Challenges, opportunities, and key insights.

Customer Testimonials

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“The requirement was duly set, asking sufficient questions to assure understanding of the need. In a couple of days, I got everything to my satisfaction. With no doubts, I will come back to work with GBSN Research for future activities.”

Cesar Montaner

“Very professional and responsive. I have worked inside very large U.S. corporations and I found the analysis report to be detailed and showed a high level of expertise in this type of work. I would definitely use them again.”

Kristine Shine

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