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Every business is different. We deliver intelligent solutions designed to make your decision making better, informed by extensive expertise across some of the world’s most dynamic industries.

Insights for all industries

Whatever your business, good decision making is fuelled by data insight. We turn your customer feedback, marketing data, sales figures and other key metrics into actionable insights. Our experienced team of data scientists will help you derive meaning and future proof your decision making with predictive models and machine learning algorithms which help you make the right move for your business today, tomorrow and in the future.

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Comprehensive social media listening, crisis monitoring and reporting plus competitor analysis are just some of our specialised services for pharmaceutical firms.

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Understand your customers, know your competitors and keep your automotive business on track with solutions including social listening, customer journey mapping and behaviour analysis.

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Consumer Goods

Grow your market share, consolidate your market position, outshine your competitors and better engage with your consumers with our specialist solutions for consumer goods business.

banking and finance research
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Banking & Finance

Understand what motivates your clients and how they respond to key products, navigate crisis management and better harness all available new technologies with our solutions for the banking and finance sector.

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Fashion & Beauty

From influencer engagement and social listening to market trend predictions and campaign measurement, GBSN Research has been instrumental in helping some of the world’s top fashion and beauty brands achieve their goals.

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Media & Entertainment

First class research and analysis solutions designed to help media and entertainment companies work more efficiently and deliver more successful campaigns while better understanding changing audience tastes.

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Travel & Hospitality

Enjoy richer insights, understand consumer patterns, engage with influencers, develop points of difference or track and understand traveller sentiment – GBSN Research helps travel and hospitality businesses take off. 

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Solutions to help your telecom’s business to strategise and thrive with exhaustive competitive analysis, social media listening, content moderation and consumer and product insights.

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Public Sector

Discover tools designed to maximise success and nullify negative content with our specialist solutions for public sector organisations. In addition to sourcing insight and user feedback, we also provide smart city data management.

marketing roi
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Marketing Services

Stand out in your sector with data and insights that empower you to innovate, measure and make data-driven decisions. Our specialist services include analytics, data visualisation, performance tracking and social media listening.

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Real Estate

Gain the data, insight and research needed to roll out first-class strategies and better identify more profitable projects and developments. Services include advanced spatial analysis, measurement and analytics.

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Whether you need to better navigate product development, get ahead of changing trends, understand consumer sentiment or gain access to improved insights, our specialist data services work for some of the biggest names in retail.

sports industry research
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Our advanced analytic capabilities help the world’s biggest sports names to perform better both on and off the pitch. Services include social media listening, performance analytics, web research and sales opportunity identification.

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We support some of the biggest technology companies in the world with services including product and campaign performance analysis, customer behaviour tracking and trend identification.

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Energy & Utilities

We make it possible for global energy & utility leaders to leverage powerful customer and campaign analysis data, identify partnership opportunities, measure marketing impact and monitor for brand noise.

restaurant industry consumer
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Cut through the noise, serve guests what they want and stand out in an ultra competitive landscape with the data and insights you need to succeed.

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