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Data Monetization

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Selling Data

License and effectively monetize your data assets through our network of startups, researchers and enterprise customers.

Buying Data

Acquire data directly from owners to gain insights into any topic, using reliable information and ensuring your needs are fullfilled.


We’ve designed a simple and secure process to ensure you have an excellent journey as a data seller or buyer.



We’ll help you audit your data sources, assess the accuracy, check the validity and reliability, and uncover potential monetization opportunities for your organization.


We’ll analyze the relevancy, organize, segment, secure, enrich and anonymize your data, transforming it into ready-to-sell datasets to generate more revenue.


We’ll uncover new sales opportunities, conduct research analysis, benchmark your competitors to set the most competitive terms and prices, find new qualified leads, and sell your datasets.



We’ll analyze the available data sources and engage them to acquire data that fits your needs. After receiving the project brief, we’ll provide a list of available sources and the respective terms of use.


We’ll engage the relevant data owners, analyze the legal requirements, terms and conditions, collect relevant documentation, and deliver all the information connected to the dataset you acquire.


We’ll analyze, edit, enrich and process the data according to your needs to deliver to your cloud server through API or in any other file format you require.


Most common types of data you can make available or find on our platform.

Health and Science

Electronic Health Records, clinical trials and research information.

Web & Mobile

Website, application and software-as-service metrics and KPIs.

Commercial Transactions

Product pricing variations, sales values, frequency, inventory and SKUs information.

Geographical Information

Points of interest (POI data), image, video, user mobility information, traffic patterns.

Consumer Profiles

Customer purchases, preferences, interests, behaviors and demographics.

Business Activities

Anonymized financial, customer, people and process KPIs.

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