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License our data

Businesses across all industries and sizes rely on our data to obtain point-of-interest data, identify potential clients, provide direct marketing services, collect product information, and much more.

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Why our data

Standardized Data

Our data is converted to a standard format to ensure consistency, allowing you to focus purely on your use-case.

Up-to-date Data

Our data is regularly updated, ensuring that you have the most up-to-date information for your business objectives.

Anonymized Data

Identifiable information is removed from our data so that it cannot be associated with any specific individual or company.

Diverse Data

Obtain the precise data for your goal. Populate your software, develop innovative solutions, or uncover actionable insights.

License our data to:

Location Intelligence

Plot locations on a map for location-based marketing, store site planning, seeing where ads and stores will attract footfall, or addressing competition from other POIs.

Real Estate Analysis

Find current and historical market values of properties based on their type, location, size, and a variety of other factors.

Consumer Opinion

Gain insights and analysis into consumer opinions to better understand their needs and reactions.

Product Information

Obtain data to populate your online store or marketplace such as product categories, description, and many more specifications.

Funding Intelligence

Gain insight into the funding landscape and identify high potential opportunities and VCs.

Text Corpus

Create your machine learning models with your text corpus and corpora in hundreds of languages.

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