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Data Annotation Services & Datasets Collection

GBSN Research supports your machine learning projects, adjusting our team to your needs.

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What can we do?

We are a data analytics and AI solutions provider solving complex problems with technology. Trained and certified contributors will help you create and improve AI models with high-quality training data for your project.

Data Annotation for Custom AI Projects

Human-powered data labeling for your machine learning models that need to be trained. Our team provides image annotation, text labeling, video and speech recognition services for medium and large tech companies that need quality support in processing large amounts of multilingual data effectively.

You can expect your data to be labeled by native-speakers AI specialists, according to provided guidance and labeling rules. Our team ensures data quality, so you can focus on building and optimizing your machine learning algorithms while our project manager runs the annotation project for you.

Multi-lingual Data Collection and Datasets Outsourcing

Our team gathers and processes large amounts of data to help you accelerate its implementation in your ML systems. Receive high-quality datasets for further processing and implementation in smart assistants, manufacturing robots, self-driving cars, or proactive healthcare systems.

We provide text, image, video, and voice data collection and ensure its quality and accuracy on a monthly basis. We support projects for the following markets:


Our expertise

Our team has extensive expertise to help you collect, annotate and evaluate Artificial Intelligence datasets for Machine Learning models.

Image Annotation

Text Annotation

Video Transcription

Audio Transcription

Data Collection

Language Services

Image Annotation

  • Image Data
    • 2D images
    • 3D images
  • Annotation Techniques
    • Segmentation
    • Bounding-boxes
    • Polygons
    • Points
    • Lines
    • Landmarks
    • Masks
    • Classification
    • Semantic segmentation
  • Internal annotation tools or client´s platform

Text Annotation

  • Text Data
    • Text files and documents
  • Annotation Techniques
    • Text categorization
    • Text comprehension
    • Named Entity Recognition
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Classification
  • Format Files
    • CSV, JSON

Video Transcription

  • Video Data
    • Video files
  • Annotation Techniques
    • Segmentation
    • Bounding-boxes
    • Polygons
    • Points
    • Lines
    • Landmarks
    • Masks
    • Classification
    • Semantic segmentation

Audio Transcription

  • Voice/Audio Data
    • Voice and audio recordings
  • Annotation Techniques
    • Speech-to-text transcription in 140+ languages
    • Classification
    • Internal annotation tools or client’s platform
  • Format Files
    • CSV, JSON

Data Collection

  • Text Data Collection
  • Audio Data Collection
  • Image Data Collection
  • Data extraction and integration
  • Dataset sourcing
  • Datasets preparation
  • Validation and quality assurance process
  • Standardizing and formatting data
  • GDPR compliance

Language Services

  • +140 languages
  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • Labeling
  • Extraction and integration
  • Flexible, long-term projects
  • Native-speakers translators and annotators

Reference pricing

Minimum project value: € 500. Price may vary depending on the language. Please find the list of all languages HERE.


Bounding Box € 0.07
Polygons € 0.20
Lines & Splines € 0.13
Classification € 0.07
Segmentation € 0.27
Key Points € 0.07

*Prices per single annotation


Text categorization € 0.04
Text comprehension € 0.1
Named Entity Recognition € 0.05
Sentiment Analysis € 0.04

*Prices per single annotation


English € 24.00
French € 28.00
Spanish € 26.00
Italian € 26.00
Chinese € 28.00


*Prices per 1 hour/1 annotator

Data Collection

Image: starts from € 0.20
Text (1 sentence): starts from € 0.005
Recording (1 hour): starts from € 57


Without revision: € 0.10 – € 0.15
With revision: € 0.16 – € 0.21

*Prices per word

Why choose us?

Partner with us to build or improve successful AI solutions. Label data for machine learning and improve classification accuracy with our data training services.

Flexible Project Management

  • Long-term and one-off project support for large tech enterprises, start-ups, and SaaS 
  • Transparent communication

Customizable Solutions

  • On-demand and fast project evaluation and cost estimate
  • We work with in-house developed tools, as well as on the customer platforms

Quality Assurance

  • Annotation based on guidelines and labeling rules
  • Project managed by AI specialist
  • Four different levels of quality assurance

Markets and Languages

  • +140 languages covered, including Europe and Asia
  • Data labeled by native speakers (we recruit the best language specialists)

Sucess stories

Success stories such as these motivate us to continue providing outstanding services for AI data training. See how businesses are growing with GBSN Research services.

AI: Image Annotation for Autonomous Vehicles

Our client, located outside the EU, needed a European partner to extend their project outside Asia. GBSN Research was asked to provide project management, quality control and quality assurance services related to autonomous vehicle driving data from EU countries in accordance with GDPR policies. Project duration: 6 months.

AI: Text Data Collection in Thai and Norwegian

To enrich the database with a large volume of verbatim datasets, our team collected, translated, and validated 2,000,000 sentences to support our Chinese customer’s machine learning systems. The sentences had 6-14 words in length and had to be casual as usually spoken. No news and novels were allowed.

Speech-to-text: Emotions Control in Video Games

GBSN Research supported our client´s annotation team in their AI project related to emotion recognition for video games, with the overall goal of increasing parent control over their children’s emotions while playing. Our role was to provide verbatim transcription of conversations recorded in German on our customer’s labeling platform.

They trust us

Our clients make us who we are. Regardless of its size and sector of activity, every customer is important to us.

“Very professional and responsive. I have worked inside very large U.S. corporations and I found that GBSN Research showed a high level of expertise in this type of work. I would definitely work with them again.”

Kristine Shine

“The requirement was duly set, asking sufficient questions to assure understanding of the need. In a couple of days, I got everything to my satisfaction. With no doubts, I will come back to work with GBSN Research for future activities.”

Cesar Montaner

Frequently asked questions

You might find your answer in our FAQ section. Feel free to reach us via live chat or by submitting the contact form below.

After you provide the project briefing, we take up to 1 business day to get back to you with possible questions and estimated cost. After both sides accept the requirements, we will agree on a delivery date. During the work, we will share all relevant updates.

Labeling can be provided on our annotation tool or on the platform suggested by the client.

Our minimum project value is 500 EUR. We accept both one-off requests and long-term collaboration.

We are open to providing a test run and data samples.

Our multilingual team can support your AI projects in more than140 languages in total. Projects are supervised by our AI specialist and project manager. Please find the full list of available languages HERE.

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